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    Insuring your special vehicle is something we all have to make a decision on and dealing through an agent has some nice advantages.  When you have questions or need help you have someone local you can deal with rather than calling an 800 number and talking to someone on the east coast.   We encouraged our hometown insurance agent to become a representative for Grundy several years ago and they now insure approximately 50 street rods, classics and customs.  Shown above from left to right are Candy Dembowski, Terry Connick and Michelle Koch. A call to 402-845-6568 will reach one of them -- and you will get first call help with your collector car insurance questions or needs.  Hopefully it is not because you have a claim, but if that does occur, it sure is nice to have "people" to help you through it. 

    When making the decision as to who you should use, take a moment to read our collector car insurance analysis on this site.  There are a couple of companies that stand out when it comes to this specialized insurance product.  Doniphan Insurance can provide you coverage with Hagarty as well if that is your choice.  

    There is no requirement that you insure your other property with them to obtain coverage on your collector vehicle(s) but they are a full service insurance agency, that can if you want to.  

Doniphan Insuance Agency is a department of the Bank of Doniphan - your can check them out further by going to this web site ---> 

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