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    NRCA was born out of the idea that special interest vehicle owners needed a means to be active legislatively within the State of Nebraska to protect themselves from specific or unintended consequences of legislation  detrimental to our sport and hobby.  This was 1988 and group of 50 met to determine if there was enough interest. Someone passed a hat around for donations to start a news letter - now 30 plus years later NRCA has grown to over 1,800 members in Nebraska and several other states.  We incorporated as a not for profit in 1992. 
   We define special interest vehicles as street rods, traditional hot rods, antiques, classics, street machines,and customized vehicles including trucks.  Nothing more indicated the need to be heard than a bill at that time which would have regulated the height of a vehicle bumper.  If passed nothing over 24 inches or under 12 inches would have been allowed.  Some vehicles, a Corvette for instance really did not even have a bumper.  There were good reasons to consider this legislation but, it was not the best way to correct the situation. NRCA voiced its concerns and ultimately the bill did not pass. 
    To be effective addressing legislation the more members we have the more attention we can get and membership growth has always been our top priority.  We have found that with a state wide membership that every State Senator is personally known by one or more members, and can be accessed to make sure our position is clearly known.  
   We recognized that being publicly well known and advancing our public image is also very important.  In 1993 a "Good Will" tour of Nebraska ---Tour Nebraska was started. This event has grown to over 400 vehicles participating in a two day 500 mile adventure of the roads of Nebraska.  We take our desire to build image out to the people in a rolling car show of 15 miles or more.  We move the Tour every year and provide an event unlike any other in the Mid West. Out of these efforts came a motto that is still with us today -- "driving today to keep driving tomorrow".  It really means working hard to make sure we have a voice that can be used to protect the interest of those who own special interest vehicles.
   If you have invested your time and money in a project or any classic vehicle - membership in NRCA is a small price to pay for being a part of the solution - rather than part of the problem.  Why not click on the tab "Join Us" and become a part of what can make a difference.
Driving Today to Keep Driving Tomorrow

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