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  Brad Kernick


    Brad Kernick of Kearney, offers  appraisals for all types of collector cars and and trucks.  In 2011, he saw the need for this service and went through an extensive training and education program through the International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN) 

     He is certified to provide an appraisal that can be used for for pre purchase value, estate settlements,insurance,bankruptcy,divorce,proceedings charitable donations, fraud  or anywhere a verified value of a vehicle is needed.  This comes natural for Brad as he has been a life long "car guy".  He owns an extensive collection of vehicles himself and knows what they mean to you.  He is certified by the Antique Automobile Club of American (AACA) as a judge and participates as a judge on a yearly basis.  He also participates yearly in continuing education via AACA.  Brad is very active in the production of Cruise Night in Kearney, the Classic Car Collection as well as the Central Nebraska Auto Club.  He also serves on the NRCA Board of Directors, He is active in many community events in Kearney volunteering significant hours to community service. 


   Good to Know:

  I-VAN appraisals are accepted by Insurance companies, banks, credit unions, courts of law and the IRS.  


   What can you expect from an appraisal

     In general terms you will receive an educated opinion of the condition of your vehicle and what the market value of it is.  There are a number of steps taken in the process on each appraisal designed to produce a reasonable result.  On condition, 4 areas of the vehicle will be examined and graded.  Those are the frame including tires and wheels; the engine; the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.  There is a standard grading system ranging from one through six.   With a one being absolutely correct and perfect and six being a parts vehicle.  Generally a one rating is extremely difficult to obtain with most "show cars" reach a three rating with some attaining a two rating. Again each area is inspected and graded with the final grading of all 4 areas combined into the appraised rating for the vehicle.

    Then, your appraiser will use a number of sources to find comparable vehicles recently sold to determine an appraised value.  Some of these sources are fee based and not available to the general public without charge.  The appraiser will uses these combined resources to come up with an appraised value.  You will receive a two page report outlining all of the above items considered in determining an appraised condition and value.  It is a document that can then be used for what ever reason you need to establish a value for.  In addition each I-VAN appraisal is also reviewed by a second appraiser to provide a second opinion on the result to see if it is complete and reasonable.

     What is the typical cost.   The fee for an appraisal from Kernick Auto Appraisal is $175 fee plus mileage if over 15 miles.  If you are considering an appraisal, you may want to consider taking the vehicle to Kearney, where Brad is located.  While the cost may seem high, it is not uncommon for appraisals in major city markets to be double or more the price.  And, in a legal proceeding, the cost of an appraisal might be small compared the overall amount at risk.  

You can contact Brad Kernick for more information:

Cell 308-440-2941

email:   just click here --->

We would also suggest you visit the I-VAN Web site 

For More Information on an I-VAN Appraisal check out this web site  --->

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