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Your email address is very important to NRCA

If you have an email address - we need it.  Our member system uses your email address as a membership number to identify you as a member of NRCA.  We then use it to send newsletters, important notices and information and to let you know when your membership is due for renewal.  Having email allows you to register for events online and the process will fill out most of the form for you.  Using your email and a password you can log in and will be allowed to access the "Just for Members" section of the this web site that is not available to the public. In this section, you will find the more specific information you may be looking for.  If you change your email address, we need to know that right away.  Delivery of your newsletter, dues notices and other communication from NRCA is dependent on the member having a valid email address.

You can change your email address yourself

      Go to the web site and log in with the old email address - if you don't know your password  - try "membership"

1.  then, click on "view profile"  - when that screen  comes up it will show all the member information on you we have.  Click on "edit" and update your correct email address --- also  fill in phone numbers etc.   Next make sure to save your updated information (upper left).  

Note:  If any of your basic information - your address for instance - would ever change, this is how you can correct it -- 

     Spouse -  

   A membership does include a membership for your spouse - but they must have a unique email address.   There is a member profile for them and we normally  create a non-functional address for them.  That consists of their first name followed by the last and then And example would be  They can actually use this fictional address to access information requiring an email address on our membership system.
    If they do have an actual email address - we would like to have it.  An advantage is that they will also get newsletters by email, can sign up for events etc. For a couple, we will create a bundled membership when we receive your email -- one member will be assigned as the administrator of the bundle -- dues notices will only be sent to this person.  

3. If you are still having trouble send and email to and we will gladly put your email address in for you!  You should still go to the site and change your password.

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