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Changing your Member Information

   We all have things that change in our lives and NRCA wants very much to stay in touch with you.  When you change your email address for instance, our newsletter will not reach you and you will not get the notices to renew your membership.  You will not be able to sign up on line for our events either.  

    If you move then you will not get items we might mail out to you.   We also like to have your telephone numbers - land and or cell.  We use it as a secondary means of contacting you if other means do not work first.

    All of your member information can easily be changed by you the member and we encourage you to do that.  All you have to do is go to our website and log in with you email address and password.  If you have changed your email you will need to use the old one to get in and then change it.  If you forgot your password - try "membership" or click on reset and follow those directions.

    Once you are logged in then at the bottom left click on view profile.   Everything we have on file for you as a member will come up on a screen.  All of this can be changed by clicking on the "edit" button.   Then just correct the information you need to and be sure to hit the "Save" button.

     For your information - there is no need to be skeptic about providing NRCA information such as email address, phone numbers etc.  We never have and never will share any or our member information with anyone.   

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