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Snows Car Clinic

836 South Burlington

Hastings NE


    Established in 1987 Doug and Denise Snow have been in business In Hastings doing as Doug says "all the normal automotive repair".  But there are some differences we at NRCA think you should know about.  First they are active car enthusiasts.  There model of choice is the 1964 Chevy - owning several and still buying!  They are long time members of NRCA and Doug took on the roll of leading on of the Tour groups in 2014.   Snows is also a NAPA Auto Care Center which means if he puts a part on your vehicle from NAPA the warranty on that part is honored nationally by other certified NAPA centers.  So from servicing air conditioning, brakes, transmissions, engine etc they do it all.  They are well equipped to had your vehicle alignment as well.  One specialty we know you should keep in mind is that they do custom exhaust work and do a lot of classic vehicles and street rods.  Not everyone is comfortable doing that and we can tell that Doug takes pride in his work in this area.   They also have a wrecker service - but only during working hours 

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