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Sample of press release that will be available 15 days prior to the 2019 Tour

Press Release 2018

   This page is provided for access to information as a press release.  Members and non members are welcome to print and distribute this information such that coverage by all media is enabled.  For more information please call one of the coordinators listed on the press release document.

Click here to print press release document ---> press release 2018.pdf
The following  links will show you our route and what towns we will be near   While we show these towns, we will not necessarily drive through each of them - many are just off the highway we will be traveling. 

Tour time schedule for towns on our route
for Saturday - June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd 
Click here ---> town time schedule.pdf
Saturday Map Click here--->tour map saturday.pdf

Sunday - Map Click here --->tour map sunday.pdf

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