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Perry Siebert, member of the NRCA Scholarship Committee congratulates Dylan Dillion on the award of a $1,000 NRCA Scholarship. 

    For 15 years NRCA has worked to find ways to raise money to fund scholarships for students attending one of Nebraska's 5 tech schools majoring in automotive technology, auto body or any other automotive related curriculum.  A portion of each members dues is ear marked for this rewarding effort of the association.  We also use the proceeds form the sale of merchandise, work we do for others, and direct donations.  Nothing we do gives us a better feeling than helping students who will use our funds to be successful in an automotive  career.
     We have a veteran committee of 4 board members who act as our scholarship committee.  Applications are due for 2019 by March 15th.  Applications are graded individually, on a points basis in 10 different areas.  The committee then meets to review their individual findings and has always found that there is a consensus on the applicants that will be invited for an interview.
      Funding for scholarships is kept track of in a separate account and the NRCA board determines the number of $1,000 scholarships to make available each year. For 2019 the Board authorized 10--12 scholarships. If there are not enough highly qualified applications, only those who the committee feels are a good investment will be awarded a scholarship.  We are proud to report a high success rate for our scholarship precipitants.  
     With an established program, we are happy to offer this service to clubs who would like to support that effort.  You can support an individual scholarship of $1,000 as the Tri City Street Rods has done for the past six years and it will be awarded as an NRCA scholarship sponsored by your organization.   Or, you can donate a lessor amount and we will make sure credit is given  in our newsletters and here on this web site.  
     If you are a student and interested in applying for a scholarship ---- click on the following link which will allow you to print an application.  We encourage applicants to scan and submit information electronically via email by sending it to  We will also accept mailed applications sent to NRCA - P.O. Box 182 - Doniphan, NE 68832.     

click on this link ----> scharshipp application 2019.pdf

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