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 In a not so easy to find location about 5 1/2 miles north of Harvard Nebraska .  Zack said he wanted to give it try -   This is not your old time junk yard but just the tip of the ice berg that zack uses with the internet to find parts for his customers.   NRCA's Vice President, Lin Hoskins searched swap meeps etc looking for a tailgate for his 1965 Chevy wagon without success --Zack found him one.  We will have more on this operation in future months but for now we will just show you a few pictures to heighten your interest and suggest you call Zack with your needs.

Info: Specializing in classic cars/trucks and parts pre 1975, selling parts from a lugnut to complete car. 200 +/- vehicles  in inventory. plus thousands of separate parts and thousands of NOS parts of all makes.  The "MIDWEST CONNECTION" for classic parts. full service  can pull pack and ship/freight most anywhere, sold parts in every state in US and over 20 different countries around the world. wide variety of makes "NOT RACIST TO ANY MANUFACTURERS"

BIO:Born raised in the Harvard Nebraska area, grew up with a great respect of classic autos. I was raised poor as a church mouse, we couldn't afford any old cars, nor really had a place to work on them. Our tool boxes were 5 gallon buckets of rusty auction mismatched sets, but my father Dave Rudy was knowledgeable on the makes and models of classic autos, and always told me "what things were" I always grasped that knowledge.  At a young age I was artistically gifted, but all i could really draw were I couldn't pass up a hot rod magazine, or a "auto trader" magazine and just study and dream.  During high school I wasn't the book scholar type, but did have several shop classes a day. That is whenIwas able to get more hands on and have a great appreciation of having a nice set of tools and having the tool for the job. After school I stayed in the area as for I really didn't know what i wanted to do with my life, I worked various jobs for 6 years "Punching a timeclock" as time went on my side work, buying, selling, salvaging, farm cleanups etc. As a part of my salvaging side work i would regularly get old cars trucks in. and learned fast there was a lot of money to be made on parts. That side work was looking way more prosperous. Also a major factor in leaving the 8-5 lifestyle behind was the birth of my first child Brody Rudy. In the first year of his life i hardly saw him and that bothered me.  So with the combination of a go nowhere job and the grass is greener on the other side i took the leap of starting my own business, Rudy Enterprises LLC. 

That was about 8 years ago and haven't looked back, I get more time at home and able to grow the tribe to 4 kids, a son and 3 girls it's a hectic lifestyle balancing home, business, customers, bills, and everything in between. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I work well under pressure, and there is a lot of it in the balancing act, but the thing I love the most about my job is the people and the car culture. A deal on a handshake, and making connections and friends, talking to people half way around the world as they eat breakfast and i'm fighting my kids to go to bed. I love the chase or hunt for inventory, its exciting to find and retrieve  classics but once you get it home its just another one and it wears off quick and off to the next find.  My biggest motto in  my business is "YOU CAN'T SELL IT IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT"  a motto my wife has come to embrace after long days at sales or traveling all the time. Nothing surprises her anymore.  My business hours change as I have no set hours, the busiest times are nights and weekends and holiday weekends. One of the nicest things about the business is being there with my kids, my wife works 2-3 days a week for a OBGYN office, and its Daddy daycare those days. Its second nature to my kids having 200 cars in the yard, and the lifestyle.  Overall business is going well, and I don't see me changing my profession anytime soon, so I will be here for all your Classic auto needs!

ALWAYS looking for cars, trucks, grain trucks, old irrigation motors, parts collections, NOS parts, advertising, willing to buy 1 to 100 vehicles, no parts collections to big.. always looking to expand inventory. 


owner: Zack Rudy

Phone: cell 402-469-5703 home 402-772-8071

Adress: 105 south L rd Giltner ne 68841 - call for appointment

hours: By appointment

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just a few pictures


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