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BluePrint Engines


One High Performance Crate Engine At A Time!

BluePrint EnginesĀ® was started 20 years ago in a small garage in central Nebraska. What started as a passion for speed turned into a hobby, then a job, and finally a career. Our founder built one engine at a time for his friends and neighbors, and bit by bit his business and reputation grew. Drag racers, circle track racers, and street rodders all got some of the first engines produced by BluePrint Engines. 

BluePrint means fun reliable horsepower that you can drive every day. That’s why you’ll find our engines in all kinds of vehicles—from 4x4s to air boats to kit cars to frame off restorations. You
ll find lots of choices for crate engines -Take a look at BluePrint. Were large enough to build engines by the thousands, but small enough to build one just for you.

Our experience and the sheer size of our company means that BluePrint is the best choice for your crate engine. You want horsepower—hey... that's why you're here right? But just as important—you want to get that horsepower from a solid, reputable company that does the job right and stands behind it.

During our 20-year history we have continued to build high performance crate engines, and have always tried to give the buyer exactly what they wanted. That's another hallmark of We build engines for all needs and budgets!

  From the critical measurements to  the fine detail work on through all the special machine                                                                               processing

 finishing up with a dyno test of every blue Print Engine -BluePrint takes the steps to assure you of a high quality performance engine.   They are confident you will be pleased and back their work and product up with a 30 month/50,000 mile warranty!

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Phone: 1.800.483.4263



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